The Rise of Print-On-Demand Services in Business

The Internet has completely changed the way we do business. One of the latest changes is the rise of print-on-demand services.

This blog post will discuss print-on-demand services and how they benefit businesses. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand is a printing technology and business process in which print files are not printed until the customer orders them. This type of printing is used for custom products such as t-shirts, mugs, and more.

Print-on-demand is an excellent option for businesses because it eliminates the need to keep inventory on hand. Companies only have to pay for the products that they sell. This type of printing is speedy and efficient.

rise of print-on-demand services

How Does Print-On-Demand Works?

Print-on-demand is a form of dropshipping, although the technique differs from conventional dropshipping procedures (more on that later).

Print-on-demand enables you to put your label or bespoke design on various products while ensuring you only purchase the product. It is when a consumer places an order.

The order is then routed to the print-on-demand company, which will produce and ship the product directly to your customer. So, the whole process happens without you having to hold any inventory!

What are the Benefits of Print-On-Demand?

There are many benefits that businesses can reap by using print-on-demand services.

  • Save a lot of money: The most significant benefit is that businesses don’t have to order large quantities of products upfront. This can save companies a lot of money, especially if they are just starting out.
  • Customized products: Another great benefit of using print-on-demand services is that businesses can create unique and custom products for their customers. This allows companies to stand out from their competitors who may be selling similar products.
  • No minimum order quantities: Most print-on-demand providers don’t have minimum order requirements, which is excellent for businesses that only want to order a few items.

The Rise of Print-On-Demand Services and How They Are Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Multiple things have contributed to this result. First, the demand for customized and unique items is increasing.

In fact, many consumers (36%) expect personalization by default and are willing to wait longer for personalized items (48%). The second reason is that technology has made it easier than ever before to create custom products.

Print-on-demand services are changing the way businesses operate. It allows them to sell custom and unique products without having to keep inventory on hand.

Print-on-demand services provide an alternate method, such as:

  • avoiding the time
  • expense
  • the risk associated with keeping inventory
  • allowing you to create and sell personalized products at a fraction of the cost
  • traditional methods.

Print-On-Demand Products

There are a wide variety of products that businesses can sell with print-on-demand services. The most popular items include:

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Pillows
  • Tote bags
  • Posters
  • Stickers

And more!

The sky is the limit regarding what businesses can sell with print-on-demand services. If you can dream it, chances are you can sell it!

Do you want to connect your print-on-demand business to an automation tool for faster creating and publishing products in many marketplaces? Connect it to PODTurbo.

What is PODTurbo Automation Tool?

rise of print-on-demand services

To make continuous passive revenue from product sales, PODTurbo automates the process of developing and publishing print-on-demand products across various marketplaces.

PODTurbo is a software that makes it easy to find and list products on multiple print-on-demand platforms with the click of a button. The software provides users with an automated way to fulfill orders from all their connected stores.

In other words, PODTurbo is an all-in-one solution for businesses that want to sell print-on-demand products without all the hassle. Here are the functions of the PODTuro automation tool to help your business:

1. Automatically Create and Upload Products 24/7

Once the system is activated, the products will automatically be created, scheduled, and published to the markets. You can set aside enough work for a month or perhaps an entire year, and the system will take care of the rest of the job for you. That sums it up nicely. It really couldn’t be much more straightforward.

2. Automatically Making Product Mockups

You can take a break while PODTurbo handles submitting many designs to the system. When the system generates the product listing, it will also automatically build the product mockups and send each product mockup image to the relevant marketplaces.

3. Establish Specific Release Dates for Items

Some online marketplaces are wary of vendors that upload many products at once out of an abundance of caution for spam. However distinctive your products may be, certain online stores may frown upon a sudden influx of product listings from one seller. Some of them may restrict your account and request that you slow down.

If you use PODTurbo, though, you can forget about it. When you provide product information to the system, it will choose when in the day to publish the data.

4. Limit the Number of Products Posted to Each Market

Products can be published at predetermined intervals, and you can choose how many products are released to each marketplace.

Need to limit your daily product uploads to just 150 for Amazon, 50 for Etsy, and 10 for eBay. The system makes it simple for you to configure these parameters. You can set a target quantity in the system, and that’s how many units of the product will be released.

5. Distribute Items to several Online Storefronts Instantly

Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce are presently supported by PODTurbo for publication. You only need to link your account to the system.

Distributing all of your wares to these well-known online stores is handled mechanically for you. You may add several passive revenue streams without further effort!

6. Better SEO With a Unique Product Description

SEO can boost your sales. Most marketplaces prefer products with searchable descriptions. Most merchants neglect this critical detail. If you master SEO, you’ll outrank numerous competitors.

PODTurbo’s unique product description and features will help your product rank higher in marketplaces. All your products can have customized reports and attributes.

PODTurbo is the latest innovation in print-on-demand technology, and it’s changing the way businesses operate.


The rise of print-on-demand services has made it easier for businesses to sell custom products. With PODTurbo, companies can automatically create and upload products, establish release dates for items, limit the number of products posted to each market, and distribute articles to several online storefronts.