Print-On-Demand on Etsy Business: How to Make Money?

Print-on-demand on Etsy business is recommended. There are many ways to make money from home. One of them is by opening an Etsy business, selling handmade items and Print-On-Demand on the platform.

But how do you make money with a POD business on Etsy? How much can you earn? What are the pros and cons of this business model?

If you’re thinking about starting your own POD Etsy shop, read to find out all the details. What are the advantages of operating your own POD business on Etsy?

It’s an excellent opportunity to sell unique products while keeping your costs low. Also, as an independent seller on this platform, you can access a large audience without investing in inventory or production.

What is Print-On-Demand Business?

Print-On-Demand (or POD) is a supply chain management model in which products are printed when customers place orders rather than being produced in bulk beforehand. Also, POD business models are often applied in the clothing, books, and audio industries.

POD has recently gained popularity among online retailers since it enables them to economically sell low-inventory or out-of-print items. You can order products when customer orders, and POD vendors typically offer quick turnaround times.

POD is a great way to create products that are hard to find elsewhere. For example, you can sell custom t-shirts that no one else sells. Or you may design a recipe book for your favourite dish and use POD to produce the book so that it can be printed on a per-order basis.

Print-On-Demand on Etsy Business: How to Make Money?

print-on-demand on etsy business

The essential step in launching a profitable POD business on Etsy is choosing the right products to sell. It’s wise to start with a product you already have experience with.

You’ll improve at picking the right products as you gain more experience in the business. It’s possible to select any product you like, but you should ensure you can produce it profitably.

1. Find Out What to Sell

The first step in creating a profitable Print-On-Demand business on Etsy is to find out which products are selling well. This can help you decide what products to sell on your Etsy shop.

Visit Etsy Trends to learn which things are selling well. There, you will find information about the most often used search terms on the site, the most popular product categories, and the overall sales figures for each Etsy seller. This data might assist you in deciding which things to market.

2. Determine Your Production Costs

Another critical step in making a profit with POD is determining your production costs. This includes materials, labour, shipping, and other expenses related to making the product.

To find out your estimated production costs, you can use a POD calculator like this one from Printful. Simply enter the details of your product, and the calculator will give you an estimate of your production costs.

3. Set Your Prices

Once you know your estimated production costs, you can set your prices. When selecting your expenses, you’ll need to consider three things:

  • The price of similar products on Etsy
  • Your estimated production costs
  • The shipping costs

Remember that you’ll need to make a profit margin on each sale to cover your other business expenses, such as Etsy fees and marketing.

Pricing goods at 2.5 times the cost to make them is a good rule of thumb. That way, you can keep your profit margins high while competing with other retailers.

4. Promote Your Shop

After establishing your store and listing your products, it is time to promote your business. There are numerous techniques to market your Etsy shop. However, the following are among the most effective:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your Etsy listings for the right keywords can help you attract organic traffic from search engines like Google.

Social Media Marketing

Use Instagram and Facebook to get the word out about your items. Paid social media advertising is another option for spreading the word about your wares.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers with a large following can help you reach a new audience. You can send them free products for an honest review or mention them on their social media accounts.

Email Marketing

The use of email marketing to promote your Etsy store is also an excellent concept. A website opt-in form is an effective method for collecting email addresses from site users. After that, you can send them regular emails, including information about your current sales and specials.

5. Analyze Your Sales Data

Finally, it’s crucial to analyse your sales data to see what’s working and what’s not. Etsy provides sellers with a range of sales data, including the number of views, favourites, and sales for each listing.

You may also use Google Analytics to monitor your website’s traffic sources and visitor behaviour. This data can assist you in refining your marketing efforts and increasing sales.

What to Sell on Etsy Shop?

You should sell products that people want but that is hard to find. If you are familiar with the products you’re selling, this will make it much easier to determine which products to market.

If you are passionate about baking, you may publish a book with your favourite cookie recipe. Seeing as this is a personalized item, it is not something that can be purchased off the shelf. You may also make a photo gift card for your special someone.

Many products perform well on Etsy, but you should make sure your products are high quality. If you sell cheap products, you risk getting negative reviews from customers. You should also try to sell unique products, as it will be easier to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the examples of products you can sell:

1. Clothing

One of the most sought-after categories on Etsy is apparel. Everything from t-shirts to dresses is available on the site.

2. Books

The sale of books is another commonplace on the website Etsy. Both brand-new and previously-owned books are welcome on the marketplace. Ensure the secondhand book is in good shape before selling it to ensure client satisfaction.

3. Art

For creative types looking to make some money, Etsy is a fantastic marketplace. The portal supports the sale of both digital and tangible works of art. If you’re selling artwork on paper, make sure to package it securely so it doesn’t get damaged in transit.

4. Home décor

Etsy is a popular destination for people looking for unique home décor items. You can sell everything from wall art to vases on the site.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is another popular category on Etsy. You can sell both handmade and vintage jewelry on the site. If you’re selling vintage jewelry, ensure it’s in good condition.

print-on-demand on etsy business

Pros of Selling Print-On-Demand on Etsy Business

Print-On-Demand businesses on Etsy have a lot of benefits. First of all, you don’t need to make a significant investment.

You can keep your costs low since you only need to produce products as customers order them. This way, you can sell products that are hard to find in stores.

Another advantage of POD of sale on Etsy is that you don’t need to deal with customer returns. Since customers order the products they need, they aren’t likely to return them.

Other benefits of selling POD on Etsy include working from home, low competition and access to a large customer base.

As an independent seller on Etsy, you don’t have to deal with the high costs of running a brick-and-mortar store. You’ll also have more creative freedom than an employee at a larger company.

Choosing Etsy is The Best!

Etsy is the best platform for Print-On-Demand businesses. It’s a popular site with low competition and high traffic.

Etsy has built-in tools that make it easy to run your business. For example, the site provides a free listing for products and takes a small commission on each sale. 

On Etsy, you have access to a large customer base. The platform has over 35 million active buyers. 

Print-On-Demand on Etsy is a beautiful alternative if you’re looking for a creative approach to earning money. Establishing a prosperous company is possible with hard work.


Starting a POD shop on Etsy might be a terrific way to work from home and earn money. Choose a product that fills a market need but isn’t readily available from competitors.

As an independent seller on Etsy, you’ll be free to create your products without dealing with the high costs of a brick-and-mortar store.