5 Tips About PODTurbo That Will Help You Streamline Your Work

PODTurbo is one of the most potent print-on-demand software solutions today. It can streamline your work and help you produce a product way faster than if you were to do it the old-fashioned way. However, it can be pretty overwhelming with all its features and buttons that do different things.

In this article, we will provide you with our five tips about PODTurbo that will help you streamline your work by making this program even more efficient.

What is PODTurbo Automation Tool?

PODTurbo is an automation tool that helps to automate your work with little to no effort. It’s an all-in-one print-on-demand software solution that allows you to create products easily, create mockups, publish them on multiple marketplaces, and track sales.

PODTurbo has many features to help you save time and money. It has automation tools, a built-in mockup generator, the ability to create and manage product variants, inventory management tools, automatic product price adjustments, and much more.

tips about PODTurbo

5 Tips About PODTurbo That Will Help You Streamline Your Work

PODTurbo comes with many processes that can help you save time and effort. Taking your business to the next level is possible with the help of these five tips:

1. Automatically Create and Upload Products

PODTurbo has an automatic product creator tool that lets you create new products with just a button click. This tool is handy for sellers that sell a lot of products.

With this tool, you can automatically create and upload new products that vary from one another. Using CSV, it can upload hundreds or thousands of products.

Make a CSV file with the product details, and submit it.

You can use this feature to create variations of your existing products. For example, if you have a t-shirt that you want to sell, the PODTurbo system will continue the process of creating, uploading and automating mockup designs.

2. Making a Product Mockup

One of the essential things in your print-on-demand business is product mockups. Product mockups are visual representations of your products that show exactly what your customers will be getting.

Mockups play a vital role in the success of your business. They can determine whether your potential customers will buy your product or not.

You can submit many designs to the system. Once you upload your design, the system will automatically generate product mockups. Always remember that it can edit the status of your products, not the design.

You no longer have to produce product mockups manually. Instead, the system will create the product mockups and send each product mockup image to the marketplaces when it makes the product listing.

3. Set a Schedule for Product Launches

You must expand your product line to make the most out of your online store. To do that, you need to create new products.

Creating new items is not a simple task. It may need a lot of time and effort. This is especially true if you manually create new products.

In PODTurbo, you can get what you upload. It can use the scheduled listing because it publishes what the schedule has.

With this tool, the system will set a schedule for product launches so that you don’t have to create them manually. When you provide product data to the system, the system will schedule the items’ publication throughout the day at the optimal moment.

4. Limit the Number of Products Each Marketplace Can Publish

PODTurbo allows you to create products and publish them on multiple marketplaces. However, you might have noticed that you can post many products on some marketplaces, while you can only print a few dozen on other marketplaces.

That’s because each marketplace has a different product limit. They can do this because they want to keep the quality of their products high. However, that can be a problem for sellers who wish to expand their product line.

They might be limited by the number of products that each marketplace allows. If you’re one of those sellers, you can use PODTurbo to restrict the number of products each marketplace can publish.

You can define the maximum amount of printed products per marketplace. This will ensure that you do not post an excessive number of products on a single marketplace. It can prevent your account from being banned.

You may easily configure these quantities within the system. The products will be published based on the amount you specify in the system.

PODTurbo system will automatically produce, schedule, and publish products to marketplaces. You can plan sufficient work for a month or a whole year, and the system will handle the rest. 

That is all. Nothing could be simpler.

5. Distribute Items to Multiple Storefronts Instantly

If you sell on many marketplaces, you may be required to ship your products to each one. This might be pretty cumbersome if you have many products to publish and send.

Once you create products, you can use the PODTurbo distribution feature to send that product to multiple marketplaces instantly. With this feature, you can distribute a single product to various marketplaces. However, you can distribute numerous products to a single marketplace.

You can use the products that you create in PODTurbo with one click. You don’t have to save them and manually send them to your marketplaces.

PODTurbo system supports Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce publishing. You only need to link your account to the system.

All of your products will be instantly published on these internationally recognized marketplaces. You may add several passive revenue streams without further effort!

Why PODTurbo?

tips about PODTurbo

There are many print-on-demand software solutions out there. So why should you choose PODTurbo over the rest?

There are many reasons. But the most important ones are you can upload many products at once, have time-saving features, and have data integrations.

PODTurbo is extremely easy to use. If you have no experience with print-on-demand software, you can quickly get the hang of it with a few hours of practice.

The PODTurbo system is packed with features that can save you time. It has features that allow you to create products faster while making them look more appealing.

With PODTurbo, you can automate most of your work. You can set up product launches and publish them on multiple marketplaces automatically.

Final Words

Print-on-demand can be an excellent side gig or full-time business if you know what you’re doing. However, manual labor might be challenging for the majority of individuals.

That’s where print-on-demand software solutions like PODTurbo come into play. They can help you create products, publish them on multiple marketplaces, and easily track sales.

We hope this blog post has helped you understand what PODTurbo is, tips on how it works, and how it can help you streamline your work.